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10 steps to pest prevention


  1. Spot Treating

Sometimes you’ve got anthills in your yard, other times you have spiders in your shed, or maybe you just have bugs on the playground. These situations can be easily resolved with a spot treatment. Give us a call and we can swing by and perform this treatment free of charge.


  1. Windows And Doors

Any point of entry in your home needs extra protection to reduce the chance of allowing pests into your home. The eaves to your home should also be treated. We can deter insects, spider webs, spiders, bees, and wasps using a natural residue product.


  1. Perimeter Liquid Application

The perimeter of your home has several tiny insect entry points. We can take care of these with the best products on the market.


  1. Exclusion

For certain other pests, like mice for example, ridding them of access to the home is a preferred option to stop them. Caulking and a little steel wool can work well to stop them. We will help you to identify their fixed entry points.


  1. Traps And Bait

Some pests require some simple traps and/or bait. We’ve got what you need!


  1. Extended Perimeter Granules

Tired of a line of dead bugs on your porch? Going beyond the normal pest control we spread granules in the yard to provide one more barrier for bugs to get through. Our product will not harm the lawn, but it will do a fantastic job of keeping pests away from your home.


  1. Wall Injections

Several pests enjoy hiding in safe, moist places. Many times that place can be within the walls of your home, literally. If you are experiencing wet-wall pest activity, we can safely apply a product in your wall through already existing holes in the drywall.


  1. Corners

Without compromising the safety of your home we can provide a light misting to the interior corners of the rooms in your house using our water-based product.


  1. Interior Crack And Crevice

Rather than a complete spray of the walls, floors, and everything else in your home, we provide a service that targets bugs and other pests where they are living or hiding. You won’t have to find a place to stay, or better yet, you won’t even have to leave the room while we service your home.


  1. Web And Nest Removal

We can reach the high places that you might not be able to with our de-webber poles. They extend up to 30’ which allows us to get all of the spider webs and wasps nests that hand from the eaves and perimeters of your home.
If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to contact us for advice or council so you can best battle the bugs around your home.