Green Pest Control

Harmful pesticides are a thing of the past.


Keep your family safe with Lawrence Pest Control’s new “green” family friendly solution. Green pest control is the safest solution for you and your family to stay safe from unwanted bugs. Clean and safe solutions are effective way to kill many common types of bugs and other pests.  Our green products are made from certain plant oils and other safe substances that work by attacking insects and will not harm people and pets. Green pest control is a must for every home. Why cover your home with dangerous pesticides when a cleansafe, and green solution is available?

Green or Eco-Friendly Pest Control

  • The products are derived from the chrysanthemum flower and enhanced to work stronger, longer, and in some cases safer than organic treatments.
  • Organic products are expensive, smell VERY strong, don’t last long, and don’t work near as well as our typical products.
  • Products are micro-encapsulated. They are time released and not ruined by water which allows them to last longer.
  • The products attach to hair follicles of pests and then spread to the others.
  • Some products are designed to be invisible to pests so they track it back to the queen or the remainder of the colony.
  • Some products are designed to create a barrier the pests won’t want to cross.
  • Some products prevent pests from reproducing (IGR- Insect Growth Regulators).
  • Mammals are not receptive to pryethroids (99% of what we use is pryethroids).
  • In most cases, customers don’t need to leave the house during or after treatments.
  • Ask customers to notify the technician if they have pet birds or fish. These animals are sensitive to certain pesticides.
  • Although you would never consume any pesticides, ingesting a small amount is less toxic than a spoonful of table salt.
  • If a customer has had serious allergy problems with chemicals in the past, recommend that they are not home for a few hours after treatment, or just treat the exterior of the home.


Chrysanthemum flower Green Eco-Friendly Pest Control by Lawrence Pest Control Chrysanthemum Flowers Provide Green Eco-Friendly Pest Control by Lawrence Pest Control

Keep your home safe from more than just bugs. By using our new eco friendly pest control you are protecting yourself from unwanted pests and other harmful situations derived from chemicals and other harmful substances. Green pest control is the best option for anyone with a family, pests, and even small infants. Call today for your FREE home inspection and learn more about all of the benefits of switching to a cleansafe, and green solution.