Free Pest Inspection

Suburban homesThink you might have pests in your home?

Call Lawrence Pest Control today for your FREE pest inspection.

Our staff is friendly and ready to come give your home an extensive inspection for unwanted critters. These professionals are continually being trained on the newest methods of pest control and extermination. We know how bugs work and where they live. Let us come give you a free home inspection and quote for the best service to exterminate your bug problems.  our hours are flexible and we will come at a time that best suits you and your family’s needs.

Even if you don’t think you have a big bug problem, let us come check your home for free.  Bugs like to hide out and you might not even realize you are sharing your space with hundreds of unseen creepy crawlers.  Preparation is essential to prevent a future invasion of bugs. Why wait to protect your home?