Wasp Facts

What do wasps look like?wasp control

            Wasp’s appearances differ from species to species. The majority of wasps have two pairs of wings and a pinched waist. They vary in colors from black to a metallic green or blue. They can be almost microscopically small or several centimeters long.

There are two categories of wasps:


  • Live in colonies
  • Number in the thousands
  • Female workers perform all of the duties in a nest


  • Live alone
  • Do not have a colony
  • Lay eggs
  • Eggs are left alone to hatch

How do they eat?


  • Kill and eat insects and other animals.
  • Feed their larvae with killed insects and animals.


  • Lay eggs in the bodies of living creatures.
  • Larvae feed on the host which is still alive.

Wasps help in controlling other pests, specifically in agriculture as biological control agents. Many wasps feed on nectar from nearby flowers and can therefore operate as pollinators.

Wasps, unlike bees, can sting several times when they feel that they are threatened.


            Toward the end of summer time, unfertilized eggs are produced by the queen. These eggs will become males and will fertilize the wasps that will become the queens of the next year. During the winter time most of the time the entire colony will die except for the fertilized females who stay in a sheltered location. The next spring, the new queen will start laying eggs. All of the fertilized eggs that they create will be the new workers that will build nests and feed the larvae produced by the queen.

Wasps can be beneficial to mankind

  • Used as parasites to control pests in agriculture.
  • Some are predators that control insect population.
  • They can often work as pollinators.

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