Some spiders typically like to hang around crawl spaces, basements and other damp parts of buildings while other spiders like the dry, warm places such as air vents, upper corners of rooms and attics. Spiders like to hide in dark areas and feed on insects, other spiders, and pretty much any other prey that they are able to subdue.


Female spiders produce egg sacs from which spiderlings emerge. These spiderlings become adults after they go through a series of molts. The males of many species of spiders court females. One example is the male jumping spider. They perform elaborate dances to try and attract the attention of the females. The male spiders could be in danger when mating; many times the female makes a meal of their mate afterwards.

Traits of a spider

  • 8 legs
  • 2 body segments
  • 3 or 4 pairs of eyes
  • Some have poor vision and others have exceptional vision.
  • Do not have chewing mouthparts
  • Commonly break down prey using digestive enzymes in their saliva before they eat.
  • The gut of a spider is too narrow to eat large food particles.
  • Almost all species are predators
  • There has been at least 1 documentation of a plant-eating species.


Common Arachnids

Kansas is right in the heart of spider country, and in particular, the Brown Recluse. It’s one of the most common pests around. Every year there are people who have bad reactions to Brown Recluse bites. Don’t be one of them! There are a few easy ways to keep the chances low. Remember, Brown Recluse love Silverfish (seriously, it’s like pizza for them!). If you see Silverfish in your house, chances are good there are Recluse as well. Silverfish and Brown Spiders (as sometimes they are called) are usually found around papery substances, such as cardboard boxes. Either have the boxes treated or look into other ways of storing your things. If you suspect there are Spiders in your garage, basement, or attic, give us a call and we’ll take care of the issues you see.

Spider Control

When we come to your house, we first have to find what issues are in and around your home. While Spiders are sometimes hard to get rid of, we have multiple ways of taking care of the problem and we won’t stop until they stop. Our whole mission is to keep people safe in and around their homes. You don’t want any injuries, so let us handle the issue professionally and quickly. When you hire us, your satisfaction is guaranteed. We’ll come back as many times as needed to curb the Recluse population. At Lawrence Pest Control, we want what you want. Results Guaranteed!

Spidey Tips:

  • After moving, get rid of or treat cardboard boxes
  • Regularly keep clutter to a minimum
  • Move old wood from around the home
  • Install fitted window screens
  • Get medical attention immediately if bitten
  • Buy sticky traps (about $1) and check often

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