Buggy Myths

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We have all grown up hearing myths about bugs that have kept us up late. With the help of National Geographic we’re here to put your worries to rest so you can get some shut eye!

  1. Do we swallow spiders in our sleep, ever?

According to Charles Griswold, a spider expert at California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco said, “There’s absolutely no evidence whatsoever that we swallow spiders,” says Griswold. He also said that even if someone slept with their mouth open their heavy breathing would frighten spiders.

  1. Could cockroaches survive a nuclear winter?

Killing cockroaches can be a difficult feat and naturally we believe that they can withstand just about everything. However according to an article published in 2001 by the journal American Entomologist American cockroaches die when exposed to 20,000 rads. (Rads are a unit used to measure for radiation)

Jeff Tomberlin, an entomologist at Texas A&M University in College Station believes that because that although roaches are relatively sensitive they can eat anything of organic nature they could find a way to survive in a postnuclear world.

  1. Do Daddy longlegs have the deadliest venom in the world, and just can’t bite humans because their fangs are too small?

Dan Babbitt, manager of the Insect Zoo and Butterfly Pavillion at the Smithsonian’s National History Museum in Washington D.C. said, ““We hear this one constantly. They have fangs, but they don’t have any venom.”

Babbitt said although daddy longlegs are arachnids because they lack a second body section they’re technically not even spiders.

  1. Can earwigs lay their eggs in your ear?

Babbitt said no. Apparently earwigs are one of the few insect species that care for its young.

  1. Do crane flies eat mosquitoes?

Tomberlin said adult crane flies actually feed on nectar from plants and do not eat mosquitoes.


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